Clarity Choc Orange Limited Edition Quick Detailer






Clarity Quick Detailer Limited Edition

Chocolate orange

Clarity is one of most popular products and that’s why we created this very special limited Edition with an amazing chocolate orange scent still using the very same amazing formula of our existing clarity quick detailers

Clarity is a very versatile product, a water based formula packed with gloss enhancers and added protection properties that can be used as a spray wax, last touch detailer and also as a clay bar lubricant, simple and easy to use, leaving a high gloss finish and adds 1-2 weeks off added top up protection and is also perfect to use as a clay bar lubricant

Although it smells amazing and looks like chocolate milkshake please do not try and drink it


Directions for use:

1. Apply straight onto your paintwork or onto a plush microfibre cloth

2. Spread over panel

3. Turn cloth and buff off remaining residue leaving a stunning finish

Work on one panel at a time

Hand made and perfected in the UK


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