Auto Perfection Small sticker


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Auto Perfection small sticker

Our small Auto Perfection stickers are perfect for the rear window around the window wiper hole or anywhere else you would like to place them and come in a variety of colours silver holographic, navy blue, cherry red, matte silver, matte gold and white more colours will be available soon

please use the drop down menu to pick what colour you would like

To apply sticker first make sure surface is squeaky clean then remove the transfer tape from white paper backing making sure the vinyl lettering stays firmly attached to the clear transfer tape position sticker where you would like and gently smooth out making sure that there is no bubbles or wrinkles, then gently remove transfer tape making sure letters are stuck down,with the palm of your hand press down on every part of sticker.

Your new Auto Perfection sticker is now should be looking spot on

Dimensions 9 ” x  5 ” inches

Arched Auto Perfection sticker




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