Intensify Show Wax ( blueberry )


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Intensify Show Wax ( blueberry glass version )

Intensify has been created to be the ultimate wet look show wax with endless depth and unreal gloss. Made from the finest natural engredients and hand blended to perfection in the UK

With jaw dropping depth, outstanding dripping wet gloss and crazy metallic paint pop Intensify is the perfect choice for that stunning show finish.

Developed and tested for over 7 months

Intensify has been sculpted to cater for all types of paint finishes including dark and lighter solid colours and also a range of dark and light metallic and pearl paint finishes.

Deep crystal depth, amazing gloss and a glistening warm glow on darker colours.

On lighter coloured cars such as white and silver paint, Intensify wax gives eye catching sharp reflections and pure liquid gloss. 

Set in a beautiful torqiouse glass jar, sweet blueberry scent

Easy to apply and a little goes a long way so is very economical and is a breeze to buff off.

Can be layered after 3 hours of first coat.

Intensify will give 2-3 months durability and has great beading and water sheeting properties. 

All in all truly impressive product


Before applying Intensify to your vehicle make sure it is clean and cool to the touch, if contamination are present then use a clay bar before waxing to remove unwanted contaminates before wax application, use a suitable wax applicator and apply to one panel at a time in consistant overlapping strokes, then move on to existing panels making sure entire vehicles paint surface is covered , leave to cure to a haze then buff off in the same order of application using a plush microfibre cloth for an amazing show car finish,

(will cure quicker in hot conditions)

(Do not apply to hot paintwork or in very hot conditions)

  An Obsession for Perfection


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